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What’s the Problem?

Do you feel like there is never enough hours in the day? Are your customers frustrated? Are deliveries late or orders fulfilled incorrectly ? Is product or service quality not where it should be?

If your company is experiencing any or all of these types of issues, you’re not unique! Every organization is suffering with these same issues. In fact, many businesses have far more problems, than they people with the available time and skill to deal with them.

So, what differentiates a successful company from one that is not so successful? It is their ability to see problems as “opportunities for improvement.” Problems are signals that something is not working as it should.  These signals provide feedback from your business processes. A successful company uses these signals or feedback to drive their continuous improvement by using problem solving to identify and eliminate the root cause(s). On the other hand, a not so successful company will push and work harder to get around the problem. They will try to fire-fight their way out of the problem! They truly believe that they cannot take the time to isolate the root cause(s) of their problem(s).

Here is one of the best quotes that explains how short shortsighted this type of thinking is:

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? – John Wooden

What is the easiest and cost effective way for a company to establish a problem solving focus? They get their employees to participate in lean office training and certification courses


Why Participate in Lean Office Training?

lean practitioner trainingLean Office training is one of the best ways to introduce, develop and establish problem solving into any administration or service organization.  It’s the easiest way to teach basic problem solving skills to your employees, and it has a proven record as being one of the most effective methods for improving all business processes!

Forward thinking business owners and managers understand that the best and most cost effective problem solvers in any organization are its employees. Why is this? Well, it’s because an employee is working, and experiencing the same frustrating issues, day in, day out. Your employees are connected to your customers, however, in most organizations they have little to no input into how to improve the system they use to fulfill the needs of the customer. Your employees have critical process information, and it’s important to capture this knowledge to help identify and resolve many of your re-occurring problems! How do you achieve this?

What your employees need is the right forum to be able to share their insights. To do this successfully, they need some basic lean office training and an environment that allows them to improve their own workplace. An empowered workforce will improve productivity and increase value for the organization, and its customers.

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Lean Office Training & Certification

Lean Office Online is dedicated to delivering the best information about lean principles, and making it accessible to everyone through its online training courses. Our clients are individuals, groups, and organizations that want to know how to implement lean techniques to improve their business practices. Lean principles are being employed in Healthcare and Education, Government and Service industries alike.

At Lean Office Online, we adhere to the same principles that are clearly defined and implemented in the Toyota Production System (TPS). Our lean office certification training methods are based on these same tried and tested principles for identifying and eliminating waste to improve quality, reduce cost and increase value for the customer.


Progressive Learning Model

Lean Office Online incorporates a “Progressive Learning Model” into their lean office training system to demonstrate how to successfully implement lean principles into any workplace. This method of teaching has been successfully utilized to transfer lean knowledge to our clients, and to give them the tools to develop and grow their ability to improve their own business processes.progressive training levels

The Lean Office Online progressive learning model includes a combination of self-paced online instructional videos and written training materials, plus direct access to an experienced lean training facilitator. We designed and developed a two tiered training structure to deliver a more cost-effective learning experience based on the needs of the person, group, or organization. The two levels of lean office training are:

Level 1 – Lean Awareness is designed as an introduction to lean concepts, terminology, and the 10 Step training & implementation model…read more

Level 2 – Lean Practitioner is designed for people that want to get an understanding of the application of the lean tools. This course is also designed to allow you to become a participating member in an improvement team…read more

Level 3 – Lean Facilitator is a bundled training that included our Lean Awareness and Lean Practitioner training materials. It is designed for people wanting a deeper understanding of the application and integration of lean office tools. They will go on to share there knowledge and teach others…read more

You can subscribe to gain access to our free training materials, which includes some awesome lean training videos. We have some great materials demonstrating lean office best practices, and lean techniques.


Online Training System

Lean TrainingWith advancements in technology and the power of the internet, Lean Office Online is able to deliver 100% of their lean office training courses using virtual online resources. All you need to start one of our lean training courses is a computer with an internet connection. Our online training services are available 24/7.

They are specifically designed to maximize the return on investment because they dramatically reduce the overall costs and eliminate the time constraints that many people experience when they participate in a training seminar, or attend a traditional college course. This gives our clients a huge advantage because they don’t have to leave the comfort of their own home, or workplace to participate in their lean office training course.

With limited places available, click here to start your online lean office training today!