Continuous Process Improvement Wishlist!

Continuous Process Improvement starts with a problem and ends with a solution!

Capturing your employee’s ideas is the best way to support your continuous process improvement program!

Every buscontinuous process improvementiness has a wishlist. It is generated by individuals who see a lack of internal capability based on wishful thinking. I wish we could do this and I wish we could do that! Wishing does nothing except generate a deeper level of frustration with every passing day. Employees actual like to be part of the system and enjoy their ideas being used as part of a company’s continuous process improvement process.

Continuous Process Improvement does not happen by chance!

However, Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) is not something you wish for, it is something you do. Change does not happen by chance, it has to be defined, managed and cultivated over time. Getting things to occur on a Just in Time (JIT) basis requires changes in the organizational thinking. Often, this is counter intuitive to conventional thinking. A good example of this process is to slow down to speed up! Every action starts as a thought! Change your thinking and you can change your world. The desire for change is the initiator of continuous process improvement.