Does Lean Six Sigma Deliver Results?

Many companies go to great lengths and spend large sums of money to implement quality and improvement programs such as Lean or Six Sigma . The problem is that most of these programs do not meet their expectations. In fact, many companies do not see the same results that you see quoted in continuous process improvement whitepapers and books.  Why is this? Is it because the companies don’t know what they don’t know, therefore they end up doing it wrong? Or is it something else?

I recorded this video to share my opinion about what I think the problem is when it comes to implementing Lean or Six Sigma. Enjoy the video

So, improvement does not necessarily need a full Lean or Six Sigma program per se! However, it does require some basic problem solving tools to allow the employees to determine for themselves a) what the real problem is, and b) how they can identify and eliminate the root cause of the problem.