Lean Awareness Overview

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Our introduction to the “10 Steps to become a Lean Enterprise” program starts with this training module called “Lean Awareness in Administration.” This module is the foundation of the ‘10 Steps to become a Lean Enterprise’ training series.

Lean Awareness in Administration allows the learner to develop a deeper understanding of the 10 Steps model and how it can be applied to focus the implementation of Lean principles into any administrative environment. Lean Office Online modules teach the same principles that are used in the Toyota Production System (TPS).

As a learner works through each training module, they will see a screen with an outline of the course objectives. To achieve the training goal for this course a learner needs to understand these objectives.

Lean Awareness Traning Online

Level 1 – Lean Awareness in Administration Course Objectives:

  1. Understand and define Lean principles.
  2. Understand the LCO LEAN model
  3. Define Customer Expectations.
  4. Define Value vs. Non-value.
  5. Describe the Ratio of Value vs. Non-value.
  6. Describe examples of the eight wastes.
  7. Describe a Traditional vs. a Lean improvement.
  8. Describe the 10 Steps to become a Lean Enterprise.
  9. Describe the ISEE Cycle.
  10. Describe the benefits of becoming a Lean Enterprise.

This training module covers the basic concepts of Lean principles. The Lean Awareness in Administration training course does not have a certification requirement, so there is no exam or pass score requirement.