Workplace Organization!

Why is Workplace Organization or 5S so important?

Can 5S help you to find what you need to do your job in 30 seconds or less?

Workplace Organization is a combination of two lean techniques, 5S and Visual Managem5Sent. When implemented as part of a lean program it can help any organization to reduce the amount of time its employees spend searching for parts, materials and equipment. After initiating a Workplace Organization project it is important to communicate so others understand what they need to know about it. Doing this will increase its integrity and effectiveness in achieving its main goal, which is the identification and eliminate of waste. The more people understand the process, the more they will participate in using it and this will help it to continue to improve.

Workplace Organization consists of 5S and Visual Management!

A 5S system can be implemented into any manufacturing, office or healthcare environment. 5S will quickly reveal the many areas of hidden waste. 5S is one of the best tools to identify and eliminate waste in the workplace. Every business can apply 5S principles throughout its work processes.

Visual Management is the process of managing a production system by implementing visual controls. The purpose of doing this is to differentiate between a normal and an abnormal situation. In other words, a defect must be obvious and recognizable as a consequence of using visual controls. Visual controls are techniques that shift an organization from optional to required behavior. This could be something as simple as placing a sign or painting a location square on the floor. A good example of a visual control is lines in a parking lot. If there were no lines , where would people park their cars? Probably anywhere they could find an empty space, right! The lines are there as a guide to show people how to align their vehicles in an orderly manner, which makes it easier for everyone to park.

Workplace Organization (5S and Visual Management) is the one of most difficult techniques to implement when an organization decides to embark on a journey towards becoming a Lean Enterprise. Why is this? Well, its because it requires a high level of internal discipline to implement Workplace Organization using 5S and Visual Management. Most organizations don’t usually have this kind of discipline, this is why so many of the fail when implementing Lean.  If an organization cannot implement a robust 5S system and sustain it, they do not have the required level of discipline to implement Lean principles overall.

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